Team Volunteers

Parents are also part of the team, without their volunteer efforts the team would not exist. The following is a description of some of the volunteer positions. Here is a list of team volunteers: Coach Assistant Coach Team Parent Picture Day/Trophy Coordinator Team Banner Volunteer Net/Goal Person Field Striper Post Season Party Coordinator Snack Scheduler Team Lines Person


Sets up and runs training and practices for the team. Is responsible for the conduct of players, parents and others associated with the team at all practices and games. Attends mandatory coaches meetings as scheduled. Is ultimately responsible for all team responsibilities to the league, even if delegated to another parent volunteer.

The region provides training for entry level coaches. This training is mandatory. If a coach would like additional intermediate or advanced training it is available from the area or section staff as well as via coaching camps. The region will cover the costs involved in a coach continuing his/her training.

Assistant Coach

Gives assistance to, and can substitute for, the head coach as needed. Assistant coaches should also attend the coach training classes.

Team Manager

Functions as the liaison between the team and the coach, usually by setting up a phone tree to distribute information. This person will also oversee the other volunteer positions for the team.

Picture Day/Trophy Coordinator

The liaison with the league coordinating picture day activities, hands out picture order envelope, verifies the team roster, makes sure all order forms are brought to picture day and are turned in.

Team Banner Volunteer

AYSO teams usually create a 3 X 5 team banner which shows their team name and the name of their sponsor. This banner is erected at the midfield behind the players and coaches during the games. It is also included in the team picture. The banner is typically made of felt and is supported by a frame made of PVC tubing. U6 uses a larger banner, 6 feet wide, which doubles as their goal.

Net/Goal Person

This is a two person team that is responsible for setting up or taking down the goals. Typically each team has this responsibility twice during the season. Each field has a black tube which contains the aluminum goals, nets and three corner flags. The key to the tube, which is attached to a corner flag, can be picked up from the net host before the first game. After removing the goal the tube should be locked. We tend to loose the parts during the day if left disassembled. The team responsible for nets/goals down should reverse the operation and return the key and corner flag to the net host. This person should begin setting up the goals about an hour before the first game, although with practice this can be done in far less time.

Goal Setup Instructions

Field Striper

This person will be called on to stripe a field a couple times during the season. This involves picking up the field marking machine and paint. It typically takes 6 cans of paint to strip a large field and take 20 to 40 minutes. You shake up the can of paint, load it in the machine, pull the trigger and walk over the lines that were painted the week before. You may want to paint Thursday or Friday night rather than Saturday morning, as there is normally a lot of dew in the morning.

Post Season Party Coordinator

This person coordinates the end of season party. This is where most teams hand out pictures and trophies. Many local restaurants or pizza shops have a back room set aside for just this type of activity. The party coordinator is the one who would make these arrangements and reserve the room for the team. Please consider using our sponsors when choosing the location for your party. It is also common for the team to give the coach a gift. The party coordinator would oversee this as well.

Snack Scheduler

Snacks, such as orange slices, water, ice, etc. are usually provided for the players at their half-time break, and typically cookies and juice are provided after the game. The snack scheduler will make up a schedule so that the parents of the players all share in this by bringing the treats for a different game.

Team Lines Person

Soccer games normally have three referees, one on the field with the players and two assistants that work the touch lines (sidelines). The assistant refs are responsible for signaling when the ball has gone out of bounds by crossing the line. They also signal direction of play and fouls. In the lower divisions we are sometimes short on refs and can only assign one to a game. In these cases each team needs to provide a volunteer to work the lines (a club lines person) by signaling to the center referee when the ball has passed over the touch or end line.

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