Referee Scheduling

All referees in our region can setup their availability and preferences online. You have total control over what games you work - you can set preferences to indicate where, when, and what level, and can decline games that are assigned to you.

Setting Availability and Preferences

Before the season begins (or whenever you need to make changes) login to WebYouthSoccer and select the “Referee” tab. (If you do not have a login, or do not see the Referee tab, please contact the Referee Administrator.) You will have the following options:

For each division (U8G, U8B, U10G, U10B, etc.), you can indicate a preference of: “No” (do not assign), “Ok” (may assign, but not your favorite) and “Yes” (assign me!)

You can enter the maximum number of games you would be willing to officiate in one day.

If you have children playing in the region, you can check a box to prevent being scheduled during your their matches.

You can also enter specific preferences in a text box. For example, “only schedule me before or after my player’s match, at the same field”. Or, “I only want to cover my player’s match.” Or, “no games after 12pm”.

Only by checking the “available“ box for a given date do you become visible to the scheduler, for possible assignment.


Early each week, if you have been scheduled, you will receive an email from the Referee Scheduler asking you to login and accept or decline the matches. If you cannot work a match, as a courtesy we request that you decline them early in the week, so we have time to find a replacement by Friday night.

New U8 Officials or Regional Referees will only be scheduled for U8G and U8B matches initially, with an experienced referee assigned to mentor and help them in their first few matches. New Regional Referees will then be assigned a U10G AR, again with an experienced referee to help them. Only when the Regional Referee is comfortable, usually after a couple of matches, they may be assigned to center a U10G match.

From that point on, their new Referee Career has been launched! Sunnyvale AYSO has produced numerous National Referees, many of whom have gone on to become USSF Referees, through cross-certification, and several of whom have become USSF State Referees. AYSO Referee training is the friendliest referee training program for parents and youth.

Note that youth as young as age 10 may take the referee course. When youth take the referee course, one parent or guardian should attend. Naturally since they are attending, they may as well take the exam too…you can see where that leads us! Yes, more referees! Volunteer Referee service for AYSO is counted as community service by most schools. Youth may eventually be interested to cross-certify to USSF, where service is compensated.

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