Game Cards

In previous years, we relied on a single individual to collect the game cards and enter them so that we could track statistics on our players. In an effort to simplify this process and spread out the workload, we have developed a web interface to allow you to enter your own games.

This tutorial will lead you through how to transfer the information from the game card to the computer.

You get something out of this as well. With accurate feedback, we can track the games you referee. When it comes time to upgrade, we can print you a nice report that shows how many games in what divisions you have refereed. So, let's get started!

Finding the Game Card

First, you will log in into the website and go to the game card application under Referee. Next you need to choose the week - this is pretty straightforward. Just pull down and find the week and press the Submit button. Then choose the game from the game grid. After that, you should see that you are presented with two game cards side by side. The home team should be on the left.

Top Section

The top section identifies the teams. If we already know the teams name, it is displayed in a read only field. If nobody has told us the name yet, a box is displayed for you to type it in. If you don't know it, don't worry about it, maybe next week. The halftime and final scores should be entered in this section.

Game Card Body

The roster of each team is displayed in what we think is jersey number order. This should match the order that they are written on the game card… in a ideal world. If a player has changed numbers, go ahead and change the numbers to match what is on your card. The database tracks players by an internal number rather than jersey, so we really don't care if the number changes weekly. But, if they keep the same number, it makes your job easier.

To the right of the name are the columns for goals scored and quarters played. We don't track goals scored per half, just for the game as a whole. In the quarters played section you are given the choice of nothing (playing), X (not playing) and G (Goal Keeper). This should match exactly what you are doing on your gamecard.

If the player is absent, just put an X in each column.

Referee Update and Comments

The bottom section is where you clean up the ref schedule. There are times when the people that work the game are different than those shown on the ref schedule. Correcting it here will also fix the ref schedule. Use the comment section to log problems with the match, injuries, or anything else that you would like to have tracked. Please go ahead and contact the Regional Referee Administrator if there is a problem that needs attention.

You are done!

Just press the submit button at the bottom of the page and you are done for the week. You will be returned to the game grid in case you were fortunate enough to work multiple games this week.

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