Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Parents

How can I register my child to play AYSO?

Registration is typically open starting May 1st for Fall, and December 1st for Spring. It is strongly recommended that you register before team formation begins (mid-July for Fall, January 31st for Spring), as team placement cannot be guaranteed after those dates, but registration stays open until the season begins. Please see the Registration page for instructions for the current season.

When is the deadline to register?

The last day for guaranteed team placement is June 22nd for Fall. For older players we recommend registering early, because if there are not enough coaches priority is given by registration date (after volunteering families.) After the deadline we will create a waitlist via Google form.

Do I have to volunteer?

REGION 44 is a COMPLETELY VOLUNTEER RUN organization. Everyone who makes the season happen is doing it on their own time, including the coaches, referees, and regional board. In order to make the most successful program possible for everyone's children many volunteers are needed. There are many levels at which you can help, from the Regional Commissioner to your team's Snack Coordinator, and every job is needed!

When/How long is the season?

The regular season is ten games, although normally team practices will begin two to three weeks prior to the first game (except for U6).

The Fall season begins the first weekend after the Labor Day Weekend (September 10th this year) and ends two weekends prior to Thanksgiving Weekend (November 12th). For U12/U14, a regional tournament is played the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, and if a team does well, Area tournaments can extend the season into December.

When/How long are practices?

U6 practices immediately before their games on Saturdays. Typically U8 will have one weekday practice of about an hour. Starting in the U10 or U12 divisions this will go up to two, and the practices get longer as the players get older as well.

Each coach sets their own practice schedule, usually with some input from the parents. Most coaches work full time (just like the rest of us!) so weekday practices tend to be as late as daylight allows, although that is not guaranteed.

When are games played?

Games schedules are not set until teams are formed. For most divisions, the games times will vary week to week. Generally speaking:

  • U6 games are at the same time each Saturday (afternoons in Fall, mornings in Spring)
  • U7-U10 play Saturday mornings - early afternoons
  • U12 to U14 play on Saturday mornings - early afternoons
  • U16 and U19 play on Sunday afternoons

Where are games played?

Games locations vary season by season, depending on fields permits and registration numbers for the various divisions. For Fall, generally speaking:

  • U6 games are typically played at Ortega Park
  • U7-U10 in Sunnyvale (usually Raynor, Panama, Cumberland)
  • U12 to U14 play in Sunnyvale (usually Hollenbeck or San Antonio) and surrounding cities
  • U16 and U19 play in Sunnyvale (usually San Antonio) and other cities between here and Portola Valley.

Please see the fields page for all locations used. Again, locations vary season to season, and this list is only intended as an example.

Can my child play with their friends?

AYSO does not allow players to choose their teammates. Teams are formed as evenly balanced as possible because it is more fun and a better learning experience when teams of similar ability play. This also allows each player to gain the experience of a wide variety of teammates of different skill levels.

That said, the region does allow one buddy request per player. For details please see the buddy request policy.

Can I request a coach?

We do not allow coach requests. If you have an issue with a particular coach, please contact the Coach Administrator or Regional Commissioner.

What equipment is required for participation?

Necessary equipment is discussed on the Parent Info page.

My child has special needs. Can he/she still play?

Some needs, such as allergies or hearing impairments, can easily be accommodated in our regular leagues. For conditions such as visual or mobility impairments, autism, Down syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy, AYSO has a Very Important Player (VIP) program. For more information please contact the VIP Director

Current Parents

I didn't get a registration confirmation. Is my child registered?

Generally you will not hear anything until team formation is in progress, unless there is a problem with your registration. If you would like to confirm your child is registered and will be put on a team, your can check you child's status at anytime on WebYouthSoccer. Your login with the same username and password you used to register, if you have any trouble please contact the registrar

What is the refund policy in case I need to withdraw my child?

Please see the Registration page for the current policy.

Can a player switch teams?

In most cases, the answer is no. However, if you feel you have a special case, or for any player issues, please contact your division coordinator.

How can I access my child's team information?

Once they have been assigned to a team and schedules have been determined, your child's information, (including coach and teammate contact information and game times and locations) will be available to you on WebYouthSoccer. You can login with the same username and password you used to register, if you have any trouble please contact the registrar.

Where is my child's game?

To find a particular field see the Field Information page.

It's raining. Is the game cancelled?

Weather and field conditions are discussed on the Field Information page.

I have a problem with a parent/coach/referee/board member. How can I resolve it?

Please do not let problems go unreported! It is important to us that players have a good experience with soccer, and if you have a problem with someone that cannot be resolved informally, other people probably do too and it is something that needs to be addressed. Please read the dispute resolution and board contacts page to find the most appropriate person to bring the issue to.

Prospective Coaches

Can I coach my own child?

Yes! If a parent is coaching, their child(ren) in that division are automatically assigned to the parent's team.

Can I coach two teams?

If one of the teams in an U6 team, you can coach two teams. You may need a little help from your assistant coaches, but you should be able to survive the season.

Do I have to be available for every game and practice?

No. You should be at most of them, of course, but your assistant coach can run practices and games if you are not able to make all of them.

Do I need to sign up for the coaching clinics?

Yes. However, if you haven't signed up, we won't turn you away. By signing up for the clinic, we have a better idea on the number of instructors, teaching materials, and other materials required for the course.

What do I need to bring to the coaching clinics?

The coaching clinics consist of lecture, demonstration, and participation. You will be both indoor and outdoors. To be safe, please bring sun care, water and exercise shoes. You should be prepared for some exercise (i.e. simulating drills).

Do I need to get fingerprinted to coach in AYSO?

No. We are no longer requiring fingerprinting.

I was not able to attend our training sessions, but would like to get trained. Any possibility of attending a training with another region?

Yes, you may attend any local AYSO Region which is providing training for coaches. You can check under Links » Neighbor Regions to view the web sites of local regions.

Do I pick my assistant coach or is one assigned to me?

If you would like to coach with a particular person, note that on your child's registration.

I signed up to be an assistant coach, not a head coach. Does this stuff still apply to me?

Yes. As an assistant coach, you will need to fill in for the head coach if he misses a practice or game. Also, in the higher age groups, the head coach relies more on the assistant to help with the drills during practice.

Current Coaches

How do I get a login for the coaches section of the Region 44 AYSO website?

If you do not already have access to the WebYouthSoccer site (same information you would have used to register your players), you'll need to select the “Need a Username/Password?” link and follow the instructions. If you have any issues with access, please contact your Division Coordinator or the Regional Coach Administrator.

When do we get roster information?

Team rosters will be available online to coaches the first or second week of August and to parents a week before the first game.

When do we normally start practices?

Normally, coaches start practice two to three weeks prior to the first game. Since many people are on vacation, you may have to be flexible on starting your practices. Also, if you are comfortable with your assistant coach, he or she could run the practices in your absence.

How many practices per week do you recommend?

For the U6 division, you will hold a practice for a half hour before your Saturday game. U8 practice once during the week for an hour, and U10 practices once or twice per week for an hour. U12 and above will typically practice twice during the week. The practices are a little longer, probably closer to 1.5 hours.

How do we arrange for a practice field?

During the fall, AYSO has permits for most fields in Sunnyvale. At the coaches meeting, you can verify the fields available for practice. As a coach, you decide the field to practice on.

You do not need a lined field to practice. For U10 and below, the focus should be on teaching proper technique vs. tactics. Therefore, a lined field is not required for practice. If there is more than one team using a lines-field, please use only half of the field for practice.

What fields can we practice on?

The City of Sunnyvale sponsors AYSO and issues permits for our practices fields. Here's the list of the fields we are permitted to practice on: AYSO Practice Fields, Mon-Fri, 4pm-8pm

  • Cumberland
  • Hollenbeck/Challenger
  • Las Palmas (No Tuesdays)
  • Nimitz
  • Ponderosa
  • West Valley
  • Panama
  • Raynor

Maps of these locations can be found on the Field Information page. You can practice on other fields. However, if you practice at other locations, the organization that has permits to practice there may ask you to leave.

How many players will be on a team and how many do we field for a game?

Roster size is usually dependent on the number of coaches and players available. If both coaches wish to play with more or fewer players for a particular game, it is up to the referee to decide if that is acceptable.

For the Fall 2012 season:

Division Players on the field Roster size (max)
U6 3 (2 fields) 10
U7(B) 5 (2 fields) 12
U8 5 10
U10 7 10
U12 9 12
U14 11 18
U16 11 18

When is the first game?

The season starts the first Saturday after Labor Day.

We need to postpone or cancel a game. Do I need to inform anyone?

Yes! As soon as you are aware a game will not be held as scheduled, please contact the referee scheduler, in addition to the other coach.

How do I get in to the goal tubes?

Please contact the Equipment Manager if you need the combination lock code for this year.

If two teams have similar colors, what team needs to change their shirts?

In most cases, this should not be an issue because no two teams should have similar colors. For the older age groups that may play in tournaments or against teams from other regions, the home team should change their uniforms. As a good practice, you should bring your pennies to the game at all times.

How do we do corner kicks for U8? Do they take them from the corner?

Yes, U8 players take corner kicks from the corner.

I'm an assistant coach, and as of yet, I haven't been contacted by the head coach. What should I do?

With the end of summer, some people have been on vacation. If you don't hear from your head coach by the 22nd of August, please notify your division coordinator.

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