Welcome to AYSO Region 44. We thank you for volunteering your time and service to our program. If you are interested in coaching your son or daughter this season, please let me know. No experience required!! You just need to have a willingness to learn and spend a little time practicing new skills. It is important that you understand and implement AYSO's philosophy, for it is you who will have the most contact with and impact upon our young participants and their parents.

First, make sure you know the game and the coaching techniques found to be most successful. We have several publications which can help you and we will hold a series of clinics coordinated by me. It is imperative that you participate in one or more of these clinics so that you can promote the very best and latest in instruction to the players on your team. (See Coach Calendar). I will be glad to assist you personally in any way I can.

Second, remember that we are playing the game for fun and for the fun of the children. While you should encourage the very best performance out of your team, never lose sight of the fact that it is just a game and played for fun within the AYSO philosophies of Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Positive Coaching and Good Sportsmanship.

Third, remember the “Everyone Plays” rule. Every one of your players must play at least half of each game. It is suggested that the same players should not always sit out the first quarter of each game, so that they do not think of themselves as permanent substitutes, and that, if possible, players should play at least three-quarters of some games.

Fourth, cooperate with the referees. They are volunteers like you and are called upon to make judgments like you. Please insist that the parents of the players maintain decorum at all times. Remember-we do not allow protests.

Fifth, present an attitude of good sportsmanship, in both word and action, to your players and their parents. We desire to create a positive environment based upon mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude.

Sixth, and finally, hold practices once or twice a week, depending on field availability and your own time commitments. The practices mean more than the games. Plan your practices in advance, as time is limited.

Have a great season and best of luck to your team.

Please be aware that volunteering to coach does not guarantee you will be given a team to coach. On rare occasions we have too many coaches and cannot make that determination until late August when all the teams are formed. If your child will only play with you as his/her coach, contact your division coordinator immediately to ensure you will be notified in a timely manner of your coaching status.


AYSO provides free training and certification for volunteer coaches. To coach in Region 44, you must be Safe Haven trained and certified prior to the start of the season. Also, it is strongly recommended that you attend an age specific training course for the age group you will be coaching during the season. Even if you are a professional soccer player, you should learn how to properly coach kids. Plus the AYSO Coach courses are excellent and certified by the NCACE.

Region 44 and neighboring regions provide coach courses in the following age groups:

  • U6
  • U8 (includes U7)
  • U10
  • U12
  • Intermediate (U14)

Advanced (U16-19) courses are available at Section and National Camps. Each course is conducted by AYSO certified instructors.

Please see our regional calendar for course dates. You can take these courses in our region or neighboring regions – whatever fits your schedule.

Game Cards

Each coach must supply a game card for his team. The blank cards are available by logging into the Member Section of this web site and going to Coaches » Game Cards. You will follow the directions to print out games cards for each game. As you will notice, all of the information will be filled out for you (I.e. Team Name, Coaches Name, Date, Players, etc.)

It's recommend to print our two copies. One for you to fill out your substitutions for the game and another to give to the head referee. After printing the game card for the head referee, please cut the game card down to the appropriate size for him/her to place in their referee wallet. (Note: Just cut around the outer edge of the card).

The remainder of the card will be completed by the referee. Do not attempt to help the ref by filling in the “Qtrs. Played” section of the form.


No protest of games shall be permitted. However, coaches are encouraged to file with the Regional Referee Administrator a written report within 48 hours after a game of any misapplication by a game referee of the Laws of the Game or rules and regulations. This procedure shall not be used as a means of complaining of, or criticizing, any judgment call of a referee or assistant referee. If, after investigation by the Regional Referee Administrator, it is found that a law, rule or regulation was misapplied, such referee shall be so informed in order to ensure that no further misapplication occurs.

Remember that referees are also volunteers, just like you. They have undergone a training course, but may not have years of field experience. If you have a question about a call or would like clarification on some aspect of the game, please hold it till after the game and talk to the ref. Please note that most refs are parents and may have to leave the field immediately to get to their childs game if it is not on the same field.


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