Regional Board

Sunnyvale AYSO is administered by a Board of Directors chaired by the Regional Commissioner. The Board, all volunteer, is responsible for the Region's operation. The board meets on the second Monday of each month (see calendar), interested people are welcome to attend. You may contact any of the Board Members listed below from the contacts page.


Board Job Descriptions

The AYSO National Support and Training Center has developed over 120 position descriptions for volunteers. These descriptions cover specific duties and responsibilities, qualifications, skills, time commitment, training, certification requirements, and activity locations. Keeping within the limits of the position description protects the volunteer and assures that he or she maintains appropriate certification standards.

It is important that each volunteer receives a copy of their position description prior to assuming their volunteer role. At the bottom of every position description there should be a date. If you encounter any position description more than a couple years old, they may be out of date and you should check with the National Support and Training Center for an up to date version.

Regional Commissioner

The Regional Commissioner shall have the responsibility and the authority to manage the day-to-day business of the Region as described in Article III of these Guidelines within the framework of the AYSO operating regulations and these Guidelines. The Regional Commissioner's responsibility and authority shall also include:

  1. Filing on a timely basis the Regional Information Form with the National Support Center.
  2. Reviewing on an annual basis these Regional Guidelines and other written Regional operating regulations.
  3. Supervising the Regional Treasurer by periodically reviewing the Region's canceled checks and bank statements, reviewing each month the National Accounting Program (NAP) financial report, periodically reviewing internal financial control procedures, and taking other reasonable measures to assure that the Region's assets and expenses are being handled in a fiscally responsible manner.
  4. Reporting to the Area Director and being responsible for the performance and growth of the Regional programs for the benefit of the players, the volunteers and their families.
  5. Organizing, maintaining, supervising and coaching Regional volunteer staffs to assure adequate support and services to the Region, including the development of new volunteers for Regional position succession planning.
  6. Acting as the official spokesperson for the Region in regard to publicity, internal development, cultural exchange, business systems, budgets, Regional operating regulations and other matters concerning AYSO programs within the Region.
  7. Assisting the Regional Board in the planning and implementation of its policies and programs within the Region.
  8. Overseeing dispute resolution within the Region pursuant to Article Nine of these Guidelines and AYSO operating regulations.
  9. Presiding at all Regional Board meetings.
  10. Keeping the Regional Board informed of actions and decisions on matters of importance.
  11. Attending Area meetings, Section Meetings and caucuses, and the National Annual General Meeting.
  12. Maintaining close liaison with the Area Director and the Section Director, and coordinating all extra-Regional activities through the Area Director.
  13. Submitting a completed Regional Performance Program to the Area Director prior to December 1st of each calendar year.
  14. Making such other decisions and taking actions as may be required to run the Region, within the limits of the Regional budget and these Guidelines.
  15. Responsible with the Regional Coach Administrator for recruiting and selecting the Division Coordinators, who are responsible for managing the various player divisions.


The Regional Treasurer shall have custody of all funds, securities, evidence of indebtedness and other valuable documents, and shall deposit funds and securities in the name and to the credit of the Region in a bank or depository. The Regional Treasurer shall keep in appropriate books an accurate account of all money received and paid out.

The Regional Treasurer shall be responsible for complying with the National Accounting Program and all procedures specified in the AYSO Treasurer's Manual. The Treasurer shall promptly, upon receipt, pay to the National Support Center the National portion of the registration fees of the Region before the first practice and first game of the season, and in any event no later than March 1st of each spring season and September 1st of each fall season.

The Regional Treasurer shall give a report of the funds, receipts and disbursements of the Region annually or at such other times as requested by the Regional Commissioner or by the Regional Board. The Regional Treasurer shall be responsible for timely approval by the Area Director and Section Director, and filing with the National Support Center the Regional Information Form, the annual budget, and such other information as may be required or requested from time to time by the National Support Center and for complying with the National Accounting Program.

The Treasurer will assist the Regional Commissioner in creating a budget for the operation of the Region by January 1st, and will monitor the monthly expenses with respect to the current budget-giving a report at each Board meeting.

Safety Director

The Regional Risk Management/Safety Director shall be responsible for administering the AYSO Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) plan and liability insurance program for the Region. The Regional Risk Management/Safety Director shall also be responsible for obtaining liability insurance certificates for all facilities used by the Region. The Regional Risk Management/Safety Director shall make provisions for the distribution of AYSO's informational flyer on the SAI plan to each player's family. The Regional Risk Management/Safety Director shall handle all reports of accidents and/or SAI claims for such programs.

The Regional Risk Management/Safety Director shall also ensure the safety of all participants in the Region by inspecting all field equipment, goalposts and fields to ensure they are in safe condition. The Regional Risk Management/Safety Director must also ensure that a reasonable number of first-aid kits are available at all playing sites, that all goalposts are properly anchored, that no goalposts have goal net hooks and that AYSO policies regarding blood-borne diseases are disseminated to and observed by all participants. The Regional Risk Management/ Safety Director shall also be responsible for advising Regional participants of approaching dangerous weather and other potentially unsafe conditions which may exist at the locations where games are played.

The Regional Risk Management/Safety Director shall also disseminate and make available safety information to the Region's coaches, referees, participants and families from such sources as AYSO's 'Play It Safe' publication.

Before every soccer season make sure we have the insurance coverage with the insurance company of the season. Make sure all game/practice fields are covered and other places we use for special events are under our policy. Keep copies of all forms and correspondence and hand the file to the next safety director.

In case of an injury - contact the coach and the parents. Submit all pertinent information to the insurance company. Make sure the an injured player will not come back to play without a participation release form from the doctor. Maintain supply of claim forms. In case of an injury provide information to parents regarding the proper way to file a claim form.

Be available and knowledgeable to answer questions from coaches, referees and parents.

Coach Administrator

The Regional Coach Administrator shall be responsible for the recruiting, training and supervising of all coaches in the Region. The Regional Coach Administrator shall require that each coach and assistant coach or other team player trainer complete a volunteer application form in accordance with the National Support Center's applicable policies and guidelines and participate in the Sunnyvale volunteer screening program as defined in Article 7.

The Regional Coach Administrator shall coordinate with the Regional Commissioner, the Regional Director of Coach Instruction and the Area Coach Administrator to arrange for coaching orientations, clinics and training programs at least once each season where needed and disseminate information when appropriate to assist the Region's coaches.

The Regional Coach Administrator shall also be responsible for the implementation of the Region's Coaching Certification and Licensing Programs as may be required or recommended under the operating regulations.

Referee Administrator

The Regional Referee Administrator shall arrange for orientations, clinics and training programs for all referees and assistant referees in the Region at least annually, and shall coordinate his/her efforts with the Regional Commissioner and the Area Referee Administrator.

The Regional Referee Administrator shall be responsible for the scheduling of referees and assistant referees within the Region, or delegate such task to another responsible volunteer or assistant and coordinate such efforts with the Region's scheduler of games. Referee Instruction Director The Regional Director of Referee Instruction shall implement, monitor, and maintain the AYSO Referee Training Program at the Regional level. The Regional components are the Regional Referee Course and the Assistant Referee Training Course. The Regional Director of Referee Instruction obtains the course guides from AYSO National SupportCenter or area staff; sets up orientations, clinics and training; and obtains qualified instructors to teach. The Regional Director of Referee Instruction works together with the Area Director of Referee Instruction to meet the ongoing training needs of the local referees, assistant referees and youth referees.


The Regional Secretary, if any, shall take minutes at all meetings of the Regional Board and general meetings of the Region and shall be charged with sending out all general correspondence and notices for the Region. The Regional Secretary shall be responsible for publishing the minutes to the Regional Board and for sending a copy of the minutes to the Area Director after they are approved. The Regional Secretary shall ensure that these Regional Guidelines are reviewed annually and copies are made available to all Regional participating members.

The secretary will act as the primary interface to the City of Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Department for reserving rooms for AYSO functions, such as board meetings, training classes, and registration.


The Regional Registrar, if any, shall be responsible for the planning and implementation of the annual registration of players, and coordinate such efforts with the Regional Commissioner, the Regional Director of Public Relations, the Regional Coach Administrator and the Regional Referee Administrator. The Regional Registrar shall be responsible for the proper registrationof each member in the Region on the appropriate official AYSO registration forms or by data on floppy disks and the mailing of such forms or floppy disks to the National Support Center prior to the first practice and first game of the season, and in no event later than March 1st of the spring season and September 1st of the fall season. The Regional Registrar shall also distribute the appropriate copies of such forms as required, collect registration fees, and shall turn over such fees to the Regional Treasurer in a timely fashion.

Uniform/Sweatshirt Manager

The uniform/sweatshirt manager is responsible for keeping an inventory of all the uniforms the Region has, and ordering new uniforms as needed before the season begins to make sure each team has enough uniforms. During the preseason, it may be necessary to order special sizes depending upon the players on the team. The manager is responsible for distributing the uniforms to the various teams before the season begins. Should the AYSO Board decide to have sweatshirts for all players, the uniform/sweatshirt manager is responsible for ordering and distributing the sweatshirts to the various teams.

VIP Program Coordinator

The VIP Program Coordinator, if any, shall serve as a liaison between the Regional Commissioner and the parents or guardians of children eligible to play in the Region's or Area's VIP program for special children with physical or mental disabilities or challenges. The VIP Program Coordinator's responsibilities shall include the supervision of the division of the VIP players into balanced teams, and the arranging and scheduling of practices and games for such VIP play.

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor is responsible for generating a Regional Newsletter several times per year at the direction of the Regional Board and with inputs from the members of the Board and/or participants in the program. Fields Manager The Fields Manager is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the playing fields and ensuring that the fields are properly lined. He/she shall also assist the Regional Risk Management/Safety Director in maintaining the playing fields in a safe condition and advising the Board and responsible organization (city or school district) on the status and conditions of the fields.

Equipment Manager

The equipment manager is responsible for :

  • purchasing of soccer balls, nets, and other equipment as may be requested by the Board from time to time, excluding equipment supplied by the City of Sunnyvale;
  • advising the Board on equipment availability, including quality evaluation, cost quotes, and delivery schedules;
  • selecting and ordering equipment and arraging for distribution to coaches on a timely basis;
  • resolving problems with suppliers;
  • collecting equipment at the end of the season, with support from the Division Coordinators, and giving the Board an inventory of equipment for the end of the season.

Field Striping Coordinator

The Field Striping Coordinator is responsible for scheduling volunteers to line the fields on a timely basis and to work with the City on any issues that come up in using the City equipment to line the fields.

Coordinate field striping (painting the lines on the grass) of 8 locations. This requires 1-4 hours/week of creating a schedule, phoning potential volunteers, and coordinating the striping the fields. The striping starts the end of August and continues to Thanksgiving.

Field Striping Coordinator is a great opportunity to network with coaches and parents on other teams. It consists solely of phoning volunteers.

General Volunteer Coordinator

The General Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Regional Commissioner and Regional Board in recruiting and developing new volunteers from the parents and other relatives of players, and from other sources in the community, to donate their time and talents for the successful operation of the Region and for the succession planning of Regional Board and staff members.

Picture Day Coordinator

The Picture Day Coordinator is responsible for reviewing potential photographers, making a recommendation to the Board, working as a liaison between the Regional Board and the vendor contracted to provide pictures for Regional teams and players, scheduling of teams at the site(s) selected for the photography sessions, and distribution of the pictures to the teams.

Volunteer Screening Coordinator

The Volunteer Screening Coordinator is responsible for implementing the Volunteer Screening Program described in Article 7. Those duties include:

  • Providing for times, places and personnel to fingerprint all volunteers for the program;
  • Collecting all completed fingerprint cards and sending them to the proper authorities;
  • Archiving of the fingerprint cards as they are returned from the proper authorities.
  • In case of incomplete cards or cards requiring re-fingerprinting because of smudges, illegibility, etc., contacting the volunteer and arranging for the re-fingerprinting.
  • Ensuring that the cards are safeguarded and treated in a confidential manner and destroyed at the end of the second year of eligibility or upon submission of a new fingerprint card for a person, which ever comes first.

Tournament/Post Season Play Coordinator

The Tournament/Post Season Play Coordinator is responsible for working with the Regional Commissioner and the Regional Board in the planning, implementation and supervision of participation in Regional tournaments, soccerfests and other post season play opportunities for Regional players outside the primary regular season program.

Assistant Regional Commissioner

The Assistant Regional Commissioner, if any, shall perform such duties as may be delegated to the Assistant Regional Commissioner by the Regional Commissioner and, in his/her absence, shall perform the duties of the Regional Commissioner on behalf of the Region.

Skills needed for doing this job include ability to delegate, working well with a variety of people, good organizational talent, and ability to deal with rare conflict. the position has many rewards, including working with some great people, developing relationships with the city Parks and Rec personnel, and meeting other people interested in soccer from around the area. Time commitment is around 2-4 hours per week, with more during the pre-season and less in the off-season.


create schedules for all age groups playing regional games. Schedules should take into account a reasonable balance of game times, net duty and field usage, as well as home team - visiting team allocation. In addition, the schedules should eliminate regional game team color conflicts by preventing same color teams from playing each other during regular season play. This is accomplished by utilizing a color chart of team colors. Schedules should also make a reasonable accommodation for any COACH who is coaching two teams so as to minimumize timing conflicts between games. Schedules are built approximately three weeks before the first game, and should be ready for distribution two weeks before the first game. Schedules are usually 11 weeks long. Under direction of the Board of Directors, some divisions may only get half of their schedules delivered, allowing some modification to the second half of their schedule if necessary.


The statistician is responsible to collect all the game cards from each weeks set of games and create reports based on their data. One report is collected data on the conduct of the players, coaches and spectators. Another report lists all games which result in “blowout” scores. The third report is that of any disciplinary problems which have occurred that week. These three reports are to be compiled and emailed to the appropriate receipients (league president, chief referee and chief coach) no later than the Sunday night of the weekend of the games played. The statistician collects the game cards by having the referees bring them to his house and leave them in a box on his/her porch. Each card has to be checked for errors and readability. Total time consumed for these tasks is about 2-4 hours per week.

In addition to the three above reports, which need to be sent out each week, all scored of all games need to be tallied in a database and every player on every team has his/her play time, goals scored, and time playing goalie input into a database. The data is taken directly off the game cards. At the end of the season a report is generated that shows the totals in these catagories. This data is sent on to the coordinators to assist the coordinators in building teams for the following year. Total time consumed for this task is about 4 hours per week.

Computer Application Manager

This position is responsible for maintaining the player database. AYSO national supplies a DOS based program (runs under windows as well) that can be used for registration and generating reports.

  • setup computers at open registration and train volunteers to do data entry. The region doesn't have computers so you will need to have access to a couple of computers.
  • generate report of players in each division to be given to division coordinators.
  • generate report to be sent to national.

Having children that can help with data entry is a plus. The majority of the effort is during registration and averages around 2-4 hours per week.

Publicity Director

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for the dissemination of information concerning Regional activities, the relations between the Region and the community and for the promotion of Regional activities through the media.

This job is to construct a flyer that is to be passed out to all schools of appropriate age children in our AYSO Region 44. Times and locations are determined by the board for sign-up.

December and January is for the flyer set up and approval by the 3 school districts in our area. February, take the master flyer to the Sunnyvale Community Center for our contact person. They will send it to the city printers to make about 4,500 copies. This can take about 2 weeks. By the end of March, flyers need to be bundled in requested sizes as required by the school districts for distribution. Ideally, early April, n the parents hands about 2 weeks before the 1st sign-up date.

Provide information to the Sunnyvale Sun, San Jose Mercury, for insertion in their papers. Contact the city cable channel 18 for insertion. Any other way you can think of.

Trophy Director

The Trophy Coordinator is responsible for recommending to the Board awards for the players, and with Board approval, the purchase and distribution of those awards.

This person is responsible for coordinating the trophies for the league (1998 count is 1298 trophies).

  • work with the individual teams to acquire a legible, complete, accurately spelled list of the members of each team
  • research, interview, choose a trophy supplier
  • work with the rest of the board to gain approval of the chosen trophies, and the funding that will be required
  • place the trophy order
  • pick up the completed trophies
  • distribute the trophies to the teams
  • work with the teams to make any corrections to the finished trophies that may be required

Time required is approx 5 hours per week for three weeks during the initial ordering phase, and then another 10 hours when the trophies are complete.

The Sponsor Coordinator is responsible for recruiting sponsors, collecting sponsorship fees and accounting for these funds to the Regional Treasurer, assigning sponsors to specific teams, maintaining communication between the Region and the sponsors, and providing sponsorship recognition and appreciation.

This position helps get sponsors for teams. Skills needed include ability to sell benefits of AYSO sponsorship to local businesses, good communication skills, time during the day to call or visit local businesses. Time commitment is around 1-2 hrs/week during March to September timeframe to line up sponsors, and then in November to be sure the sponsors received their plaques.

Uniform Recycling

Should the Board decide to recycle uniforms, the Coordinator, and any assistants, is responsible for organizing the collection of uniforms at the end of the season, inventoring those uniforms, issuing a report to the board on the success of the recycling program, and working with the uniform/sweatshirt manager to order replacement uniforms for those that were bought or not turned in.

We have done recycling the last 3 years, and it appears we save about $10/player recycling uniforms. the challenge is that it takes a significant amount of time in November and December to sort through the returned uniforms and catalog them. If we can not get volunteers to do this position, then we may have to raise the fees and drop recycling. the time commitment is about 6hrs/week during the 6 weeks after the season is over, from mid-November to the end of December. Skills needed include good organizational talent, attention to detail, and space to store uniforms prior to moving them into the AYSO storage locker.

Coordinators for different divisions

The Division Coordinators are responsible for the operation of their respective divisions, such as the division of players into balanced teams, the recruiting, with the Regional Coach Administrator support, of coaches for the teams, and providing a line ofcommunication between the Regional Board and the coaches in their division. The Division Coordinator is responsible for getting player evaluations for their division at the end of the season. The Division Coordinator preferably will not be a coach or parent of a player in the division they are coordinating, with the exception of Division 7.

This is one of the most critical jobs in the organization. Here the teams are formed and balanced. The League has a standing rule that division coordinators cannot have children playing in the division they are coordinating as it may raise questions about team formation. The skills needed include excellent organizational talent, familiarity with computer spreadsheets, good communication skills, and good selling ability (to get volunteers to coach). Time commitment is about 4hrs/week during July and August, with reduced time during the season. Great chance to meet a lot of people, and gain a real sense of accomplishment when the season starts and ends.

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