Date: Monday, October 7, 2013
Time: 7:15pm-8:30pm
Location: Mary Manor Clubhouse, 125 N. Mary Ave


Regional Tournaments: U10, U12, U14

  • U10: no area tournament, region 43 & 26 are interested in sending a team to the Section Tournament in Foster City, Dec 14-15
  • U10G: 6 teams total, Proposed: Top 4 teams, based on remaining 5 games, will play a tournament (play each team 1X, winner determined by points) on Saturday, Nov 16th at TBD
  • U10B: 10 teams total, Proposed: send an e-mail to coaches asking who is interested/available & decide what to do after learning how many teams are interested
  • U10-after we select a team from girls & boys, regions 26, 43, & 44 will determine how to proceed
  • U12G: 2 teams total, play each other Oct 26th, winner will represent Sunnyvale in Area Tournament Dec 7-8
  • U12B: 4 teams total, Regional Tournament will be held Nov 16th. (Each team will play each other 1X, winner based on points) Winner advances to Area Tournament Dec 7-8
  • U14B & U14G- no regional tournament, area tournament determined by area standings

Area Tournament

  • Sunnyvale responsible for U12G with Region 43
  • Tournament Directors are Sagit Andrews and Helen Cleary
  • More info will follow area meeting in November

General Meeting: Nov 7th

Vote on Trophy postponed- will do through e-mail

Spring Select: fees, registration, try-out dates

  • Meeting Oct 9th for interested coaches
  • Fees will stand at $130
  • Registration will be through eAYSO, not WYS. Helps avoid confusion with regular Spring, saves $5 per player
  • Block of rooms for Davis World Cup
  • Include photos this year
  • Uniforms: Belize (stripes) Royal/Black and Red/Black for boys, Aqua/Royal and Red/Black for girls. Sunnyvale socks in black
  • More TBD at the Coaches Meeting Oct 9th
  • Explore uniform options with Jimmy Della

AYSO EXPO in March

  • Formerly Section Meetings, now “EXPO”
  • Budget for 4 people to go
  • In Las Vegas
  • Who wants to go?-Margaret, Sagit, Derrick? Jenny=no, coaches? Referees?

Spring Season

  • Plan at November Board meeting (Nov 4th)
  • $100 fee
  • Registration: Dec 1-Feb 1
  • Offer incentive to register early- soccer ball & t-shirt
  • Banners/Advertising- Kerri will help

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

  • Ideas?
  • Catered?
  • Restaurant?
  • Margaret will investigate connection with Bay Club Silicon Valley
  • 157 volunteers
  • Date
  • Plan at next board meeting

Next Board Meeting will be Nov 4th (not the 11th due to holiday) 7:15-8:30pm at Mary Manor

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