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 +**Date:** Thursday, Febraury 7, 2013\\
 +**Time:** 7:30pm-8:30pm\\
 +**Location:** Sports Basement \\
 +**Attended:** Dana D., Paul ,Margaret N., Chandra R., Laren R.,Dave W., Jenny T., Sagit A., and Mark A.\\
 +**Spring Recreational Soccer**\\
 +Our numbers are up from last spring around this time. \\
 +We are hoping to have the following teams:\\
 +  * U5 - no limit.  Brian will contiune to coach and take care of this program.\\
 +  * U6C - 6 teams\\
 +  * U8G - 4 teams\\
 +  * U8B - 10 teams\\
 +  * U10G - 2 teams\\
 +  * U10B - 3 teams\\
 +  * U12G - we have 6 registered and 2 pre-registered need a few more girls to make a team\\
 +  * U12B - hoping to make 2 teams\\
 +Need Uniform Count by February 13th to get it by March 13th\\
 +Still working the last details with the City.  We do have the following for games:\\
 +  * San Antonio - U10 and U14/U16 (PCSSL)\\
 +  * San Antonio -U10 (Rec Spring, 9am-11am Saturday)\\
 +  * Hollenbeck - U12 (PCSSL, Sunday)\\
 +  * Ponderosa School U5-U6-U8B/G (Rec Spring, 9am-3pm Saturday) \\
 +  * Looking for another field for U8 games (Saturday)\\
 +Practice fields are same as last year.  Once we finalize I'll mail to coaches.
 +Coaches/Referee Meeting\\
 +Have it on the same day as equipment Handout March 2nd. Location TBD\\
 +Equipment Handout\\
 +March 2nd Location TBD\\
 +Referee Class\\
 +Dave is willing to teach a Basic Referee class. We have decided to have class for the U8 parents.  We will have 7 time slots and need parents to step up.  Class time/date/location TBD. \\   
 +**Fall Board Positions**\\
 +We are happy to say that we found and voted in a new Regional Commissioner effective May 1, 2013.  Margaret Noe has been voted in and will be a great asset to this region.\\
 +Brian has asked to step down ASAP and I am willing to take over treasurer.  Due to National rules I am unable to take over Treasurer until after May 1st.  Since we focused on voting in Margaret as our new RC we forgot to vote me in as Treasurer.  We will vote in Treasurer and Secretary at our next board meeting, Monday April 8th.\\
 +Paul will e-mail parents and coaches by March 1st about the Concussion Awareness\\
 +**National Team/Games**\\
 +We have decided that we definitely want to put in for U12G and U14G.  Waiting until April 8th to decide if we want to add U10G.  After our board meeting I will put in for the divisions we voted on.
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